Early Access
Early Access

Why Early Access?

We want to get our community involved early on in Surviving the Aftermath's development and launching on Early Access gives us the tools to make that happen. Community-driven development has always been an important element to our games and we can take that commitment to the next level by bringing the game to Early Access. We plan to incorporate player feedback throughout the Early Access period.

How long will this game be in Early Access?

Since Early Access launch, we’ve been working with our players to go deep into gameplay mechanics and meet our community's expectations. Development has been impacted by the global COVID-19 pandemic and we are aiming to release Surviving the Aftermath 1.0 in late 2021.
We’ve had regular updates, videos, community live streams, and devblogs throughout Early Access. We will continue to be transparent with our community for the remainder of development.
How will players be involved in the development process?
We have an in-game feedback system in place for reporting bugs and content suggestions. In addition to the in-game system, we will involve players from the Paradox forums, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, and other channels.

How often will you update the game?

We plan to have regular content updates for Surviving the Aftermath. These updates will incorporate feedback from our players as well as adding new features and polish to the game.

Will updates clear my save data?

When introducing new updates and features to a game there is always a high risk of breaking saves.

How will the full version be different from the Early Access version?

Many of Surviving the Aftermath’s features are still in development or have limited functionality with their current implementation. The finished game will include deeper layers of gameplay to both strategic and management layers, additional features for colonists, enhanced environmental elements, and much more. Stay tuned to the Community hub for regular updates!

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

Surviving The Aftermath is using an iterative development process that has enhanced current features and added more gameplay depth during the Early Access period. We continue to work alongside our players to polish the experience and add depth to the game’s systems. You can check out our roadmap to get a high-level overview of what we’ve done, and what’s coming, to Aftermath.

Current features include:

• Pre-game customization system (ex: choose your difficulty level and starting environment)
• Colonist needs system
• Buildable Colony with more than 127 buildings
• Explorable World Map with exploitable resources and challenges
• Branching questlines where your decisions will affect how the world interacts with your colony
• Over 100 technologies on the tech tree
• Storyteller AI “Gatekeeper” - designed to provide players with ever-changing, but manageable, challenges and events by reacting to the player’s actions
• Catastrophes & Disasters to challenge the player
• Comprehensive pollution and soil system that affects the environment around your colony as well as food and energy production
• Dynamic weather with harsh winters that you’ll need to prepare for when stockpiling resources
• Steam Workshop support is available. Mods can be made for events, tweaking visuals + values, and more. Mod support will continue to expand leading up to launch
• Expanded water & energy management systems
• Colony-invading bandits and combat-ready specialists
• Hostile wildlife
• More than 2 hrs of music

What languages does the game support?

Currently, Surviving the Aftermath supports English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian & Simplified Chinese.

Does the game have controller support?

Yes! Surviving the Aftermath supports with Xbox One controllers as well as fully customizable mouse and keyboard controls.

Is this a multiplayer game? Or are there plans for multiplayer?

Surviving the Aftermathis a single player game. Currently, our focus is on building out the game’s features alongside our community as a solo experience and we have no plans to add multiplayer.

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

Yes - we are offering an “Early Bird Discount” to players who purchase the game during the Early Access period. Anyone who purchases Surviving the Aftermath at its price still has full access to the game, and will continue to receive all content updates released during the Early Access period. Likewise, players who purchase the game now will get access to all previously released content and all future updates while the game is in Early Access. We want to reward our players who embark on this journey with us and create an expansive experience.