To The Rescue!
To The Rescue!

To The Rescue! is a charming dog shelter simulator. Take care of unique dogs and find the right homes for as many of them as you can. Upgrade your shelter, control disease outbreaks, and learn each dog's preferences, all while helping support real-world animal shelters!

About the Game

To The Rescue! is a dog shelter simulator where you are responsible for taking care of dozens of cute dogs in need of homes. It's not all cuddles and snoot boops though: running a shelter can be a lot of work. You have to manage all of the dogs' needs in order to maximize their chances of finding the right forever homes.
Dogs have specific preferences, can get infectious diseases, and can have negative traits. But you can also hold fundraisers, get random donations, and, if you work hard, just maybe, every dog will have their day.

Support Real World Charity!

20% of the profit from all sales of To The Rescue! goes towards real dog shelters through our charity partner the PetFinder Foundation.

Every Dog is Unique

Each dog is generated with its own traits and preferences to make them unique and memorable.

Match dogs with adopter's needs

Adopters will often come into the shelter looking for specific things. Match their preferences to increase the chances of adoption.

Upgrade your shelter

If you end up with some spare funds, you can upgrade the shelter to have deluxe kennels, get help with cleaning or upkeep, and more!

Keep the shelter open

Sometimes it can be tough to afford to take care of all the dogs in the shelter. You'll need to be thrifty and sometimes make tough decisions so that you can keep helping dogs find homes.

And of course...

you can pet the dogs!

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OS versionWindows 7+
OS versionWindows 7+
CPU2.2GHz Dual Core
CPU2.2GHz Dual Core
Memory4 GB RAM
Memory4 GB RAM
DirectXDirectX 11
Languages Supported
  • Audio: English
  • Text: Spanish (Spain), German, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified), English, Italian, French
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