Psycho Bundle FAQ

What is the Fortnite Psycho Bundle?

The Fortnite Psycho Bundle is a set of in-game cosmetic content in Fortnite. The Psycho bundle includes:
  • Psycho Bandit Outfit
  • Claptrap Pet
  • Psycho Buzz Axes

How can I get the Fortnite Psycho Bundle?

Any pre-purchase or purchase of Borderlands 3 on the Epic Games store through midnight,
December 31, 2020 will grant you to the Psycho Bundle in Fortnite. The Psycho Bundle will also
be available for purchase from time to time inside the Fortnite in-game shop.

How do I get access to the Fortnite Psycho Bundle?

Once you have pre-purchased or purchased Borderlands 3 on the Epic Games store during the
promotion period, log in to Fortnite with the same Epic Games account and you will have the
Psycho Bundle added to your Fortnite locker.

If I pre-purchase Borderlands 3 on the Epic Games store, will the Psycho Bundle content also appear in my Fortnite locker on other platforms like Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch, iOS, and Android?

Yes, if you are signed in with your Epic Games account or have linked your console account to
your Epic Games account, you will have access to the Psycho Bundle content on all platforms.
Learn more about how to link your account at:

What happens if I already purchased the Psycho Bundle in the Fortnite in-game shop and I then purchase Borderlands 3 through the Epic Games store?

You will receive a grant inside Fortnite of 2000 Vbucks instead of the Psycho Bundle.

What if I pre-purchase or purchase the Epic Games store PC version of Borderlands 3 from a physical retailer or authorized digital retailer. Do I still get the Psycho Bundle in Fortnite?

Yes. Regardless of where you purchase the Epic Games store PC version of Borderlands 3 (during the promotional period), you’ll receive the Psycho Bundle in Fortnite for free! Please note that if you pre-purchased a copy outside of the Epic Games store or Humble Bundle you will not be able to redeem the Psycho Bundle in Fortnite until you receive your copy of the game and input your game key in the Epic Games store.

How can I play Fortnite?

You can download the PC version of Fortnite and play it for free at: or install it from directly within
the Epic Games launcher.