Griftlands Alpha FAQ

What is Alpha?

Alpha is the earliest public stage of Klei games. Ever since Don't Starve, we have been releasing our game at a very early stage in order to get feedback. At this stage, we feel the game is interesting and fun, but many features are yet to be implemented and some design elements are still up in the air. By playing the Alpha, you are coming in at the ground level and giving us essential feedback about our game.

How often will you be updating the game?

We expect to roll out updates every 2 weeks. We also use an Experimental Branch to give players who enjoy rapid updates (sometimes multiple a day) a sneak peek of the upcoming content and a chance to provide feedback.

How is the full version planned to differ from the Alpha version?

Currently you can play two unique character campaigns, Sal and Rook. Sal is an adventurer out for profit and revenge. Rook is an aging spy working his own agenda. As we develop the game, we will be adding cards, quests and characters as well as tuning and quality of life improvements. We are working on a third character for launch.

What is the current state of the Alpha version?

Currently, you will be able to play as two character campaigns, Sal & Rook. A third character is in development. Every run of the game presents new events, jobs, bosses and cards.

How long will Alpha last?

We expect Alpha to last for about one year, at which time we will enter the next phase of development of Early Access. We expect to fully launch the game sometime around Fall 2020.

If I purchase the Alpha, will I get the full game at launch?

Yes! When you buy Griftlands during Alpha, you will have access to the game through Early-Access and you will get the full game at launch.

Will the game be priced differently during and after Alpha?

The base price may be increased as the game becomes more fully featured.

Is Griftlands a CCG?

No, Griftlands is a single-player rogue-like deck building game with an emergent narrative. You earn cards during play via the jobs you complete, and build out your negotiation and fighting skills. There are no microtransactions.

How will you be responding feedback for the Alpha?

We have built an in-game feedback system in the game. Simply press F8 at any time in the game and you can send us your feedback. Of course, there will likely be too much feedback for us to respond to individually.
We will be primarily garnering and responding to feedback on our forums, and will keep everyone up to date with the current status of the game both on the forums and inside the game.

What platforms will Griftlands be on?

We currently support PC, we’ll look at other platforms down the road.