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We’ve worked with our creator network to bring you great deals on some of their favorite titles. Discounts on games like Mechwarrior 5, Satisfactory, Outer Wilds, Superliminal, Overcooked and more! Share the love by entering creator codes at checkout to support your favorite creator.

Sale ends February 27 at 11am EST.

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Learn more about the Support-A-Creator program here.


What is the Support-A-Creator Program?
The Support-A-Creator program enables content Creators to earn money when a customer chooses to support them by using their Creator Code while purchasing a game on the Epic Games Store.
How do I support a Creator?
You can Support Creators by entering the Creator Code of the individual you would like to Support when purchasing a game on the ‘Checkout’ screen.
Where On The Checkout Screen Do I Enter the Creator?
You’ll see a text entry field that reads, “Enter A Creator Tag.” Use that entry field to enter the name of a Creator you would like to support.
Creator Code Entry
Where Can I Find Creators I Would Like to Support?
There are over 400,000 Creators in the Support-A-Creator program. The entry field on the Checkout screen will auto-generate Creator Code names once you begin typing in the field. It’s best to know the name of the Creator’s Code prior to purchase.
How Much of My Purchase Goes to the Creator I Support?
If you choose to support a Creator, Epic attributes 5% of your purchase to the Creator you entered at checkout.
Learn more about the Support-A-Creator program here.