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  • 独自のプレイスタイルを持つユニークなブロウラーたち6人。
  • 盛りだくさんのアップグレードで各戦士をカスタマイズし勝負で大暴れ。
  • 切れ味の良いビジュアルとカッコ良くアニメ化されたキャラクターたち。
  • 50種を超えるユニークなアクション満載のイベントとレースで、「スピード・ブロウル」の数々のリーグを疾走。
  • キャンペーン全体でローカルまたはオンラインの協力プレイ!


Geeks Under Grace
by Johnathan Burton
7.5 / 10
“Speed Brawl is an exciting dash from one challenge to the next. Simple enough to be picked up easily and challenging enough to keep you engaged, it's just plain fun that will keep you coming back for more.”
Cultured Vultures
by Ashley Bates
8 / 10
“A must have for any beat ‘em up fan, Speed Brawl's unique take on the classic genre is well worth checking out.”
Just Push Start
by Grant E. Gaines
4 / 5
“Speed Brawl isn't a terribly complex game but it does a lot with very little. Even though the story is quite annoying and forgettable, combat is smooth enough to have fun. Combine this with time limits, RPG elements and online leaderboards and it's the type of game players can play for quite a while. And, if you're not competitive, simply play with others and have fun your way. So, if you're looking for a fun new beat 'em up, this is the game for you.”


OSWindows 7
OSWindows 10
プロセッサIntel Core i3または同等
プロセッサIntel Core i5または同等
メモリ2GB RAM
メモリ4GB RAM
グラフィックNVIDIA GeForce GTX 650または同等
グラフィックNVIDIA GeForce GTX 960または同等
  • 音声:英語 | テキスト:英語、日本語、フランス語、韓国語、ロシア語、ブラジルポルトガル語、ドイツ語
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