Phoenix Point


Phoenix Point: Year One Edition - Upgrade

For purchasers of the Base and Deluxe Editions of Phoenix Point who want to upgrade to Year One Edition. Includes all Year One Edition content, including 2 DLCs, 1 content pack, and digital goodies.

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Phoenix Point: Year One Edition - Upgrade

Purchasers of earlier editions of Phoenix Point can upgrade to Year One Edition with this item. Contains the following content:

DLC 1 - Blood and Titanium

Expand the power and versatility of Phoenix Point operatives with cybernetic augmentations. Unlock new abilities for your soldiers, new research projects, and new approaches to tactical combat. But beware: enemies will bring cybernetics to bear against your team, too.

DLC 2 - Legacy of the Ancients

Legacy of the Ancients delves into the secrets of the Antediluvian Civilization that predated modern humans on Earth. Explore ancient ruins for precursor knowledge, and use it to unlock a whole new line of Phoenix Point weapons and technologies. But beware: the Ancients left powerful guardians to watch over their secrets; you won't be the only one seeking to control this ancient knowledge. New rivals will rise up as the legacy of the ancients is revealed to humanity.

Living Weapons Pack:

Adds new in-game missions that, upon completion, unlock three pieces of exclusive, powerful equipment: the Samnu Armor Set, the Danchev AR (Acid Assault Rifle), and the Danchev MG (Poison Machine Gun).

Digital Bonus Content:

Digital Game Manual
Hi-Res Desktop Wallpaper
The Art of Phoenix Point: Digital eBook
The Compendium: Digital Collection of Stories in the Phoenix Point Universe
Official Phoenix Point Soundtrack: The original soundtrack album to Phoenix Point, by Simeon Dotkov. High quality MP3 format.