《Mind Scanners》
《Mind Scanners》

  • Retina Decoder: A device is being used on a patient for treatment.
《Mind Scanners》是一款复古未来风精神病学模拟游戏,在游戏中,玩家需要给反乌托邦都市的市民们进行诊断。定位一群异世界角色,使用街机风格的治疗设备帮助他们。

《Mind Scanners》


《Mind Scanners》是一款复古未来风精神病学模拟游戏,在游戏中,玩家需要给反乌托邦都市的市民们进行诊断。定位一群异世界角色,使用街机风格的治疗设备帮助他们。管理你的时间和资源,保持结构(The Structure)平衡。请谨记,对你的患者负全责。
The Structure.


  • 妥善利用时间和各类资源,通过医学手段帮助结构(The Structure)的市民
  • 分析患者的世界观,以此诊断患者的病情
  • 操作并掌握各种街机风格的设备,治疗你的患者
  • 花费你的 ₭apok 和科学点数来开发新设备
  • 直面困难的道德抉择和伦理困境
  • 举报反抗组织 Moonrise 或加入他们,帮助他们的大业
  • 如果你想要再次看到你的女儿,你必须获得结构(The Structure)的信任
    The Reflector is being used on a patient.

    A patient's mind is being scanned.


PC Gamer
作者:Andy Kelly
70 / 100
“A compelling cyberpunk story told in an imaginative way, and one that will really test your moral compass.”
作者:Nic Reuben
9 / 10
“Mind Scanners is perfectly paced, creative and engaging, striking a skilful balance between satisfying play and storytelling. I finished in a couple of evenings, but they were some of the most consistent and enjoyable evenings I've spent gaming this year.”
作者:Bob Richardson
“For dystopian enthusiasts and those who don’t mind getting lost in repetitive minigames, Mind Scanners may be a suitable distraction. I’m sure some people are going to adore everything about this title, but I simply can’t recommend it for most people. It breaks my heart, because I had been keeping an eye on Mind Scanners for a while and had high hopes. After all, I’m a psychologist who loves stories about grim futures, but the execution here just didn’t make the landing. In fact, I might even need a mind scanner myself after binging this one.”
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操作系统Windows 10
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处理器高配置 Intel Core i5
内存2 GB RAM
内存3 GB RAM
存储空间500 MB 可用储存空间
存储空间3 GB 可用存储空间
DirectX版本 10
DirectX版本 11
显卡NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 或同等或更佳产品
显卡NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 或同等或更佳产品
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