《Before Your Eyes》
《Before Your Eyes》


《Before Your Eyes》

《Before Your Eyes》是一款第一人稱敘事冒險遊戲,利用新穎的互動形式——真正的眨眼,講述一個死後靈魂的旅程故事。
Play with your Eyes
結合創新的眨眼互動機制、充滿魅力的世界和完整英語配音劇情,《Before Your Eyes》述說一段感人肺腑且感同身受的旅程,當中關於我們施加給自己不可能的期望,以及背負的遺憾。
本作的初期版本名稱為《Close Your》,榮獲了 Indiecade 的 Game Developers Choice 獎項,以及 Independent Game Awards(IGF)的 Student Award,後來透過成功的 Kickstarter 活動而募得資金。


張貼者:Lawrence Le
75 / 100
“Mechanically, it falls short of its true potential, but you can't help but get swept up in the journeys of these characters. The game's got heart, and none of its flaws can really take that away.”
God is a Geek
張貼者:Chris White
9 / 10
“Before Your Eyes is an emotional tale with an interesting mechanic at its core that helps to make the game so immersive. The music and voice acting is superb, and it is something you should certainly experience.”
張貼者:Tony Bae
70 / 100
“I still commend the studio for its bravery and innovation. Before Your Eyes is unique enough to try out if you are interested. It’s just that although the game is backed by many wonderful talents, it lacked that little “umph” to turn it into something truly memorable.”
評論由 OpenCritic 所提供


作業系統Windows 7(64 位元)以上
作業系統Windows 10(64 位元)
處理器AMD Athlon X4 880K,4Ghz;或 Intel Pentium G4500,3.5Ghz
處理器AMD Ryzen 1500X,3.5Ghz 或同等級配備
記憶體4 GB RAM
記憶體8 GB RAM
儲存空間5 GB 可用空間
儲存空間5 GB 可用空間
DirectXDirectX 11
顯示卡Intel HD Graphics 520 或 AMD Radeon Vega 內建顯示卡
顯示卡AMD RX 480、NVIDIA GTX 970,顯示卡記憶體 4 GB 以上
  • 遊戲語音:英語 | 遊戲文字:英文、繁體中文、簡體中文、法文、德文、日文、韓文、西班牙文(西班牙)
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