Civilization VI : Babylon Pack
Civilization VI : Babylon Pack

This new content pack introduces Hammurabi as the leader of Babylon, the new Heroes and Legends game mode, two Unique Improvements, six new City-States, and 24 New Great People.

Civilization VI : Babylon Pack

Includes the Babylon civilization with Hammurabi, the Sabum Kibittum unique unit, and the Palgum unique building.

• Civ Unique Ability: The “Enuma Anu Enlil” ability allows Eurekas to provide all of the Science for technologies, but decreases the amount of Science generated each turn.
• Leader Unique Ability: Hammurabi’s “Ninu Ilu Sirum” ability constructs the lowest Production cost building in each specialty district for free the first time that district is built.
• Unique Unit: Babylon features the Sabum Kibittum unique unit.
Unique Building: The Palgum replaces the Watermill.

The Babylon pack also introduces the new “Heroes and Legends” game mode

• Recruit legendary characters to your flag and achieve new heights of prosperity, innovation, and military might.
• Weave together fact and myth to create new narratives, triumphs, and legends for your civilizations.

Additional New Content:

• 24 New Great People - including the poet Rumi (Writer), the cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead (Scientist), and the Egyptian architect Imhotep (Engineer).
• 6 New City-States - including one of each type: Cultural, Industrial, Militaristic, Religious, Scientific, and Trade.
• 2 Unique Improvements unlocked by new City-States:


作業系統64 位元:Win7 / Win8.1 / Win10
作業系統64 位元:Win7 / Win8.1 / Win10
處理器Intel Core i3 2.5 GHz 或 AMD Phenom II 2.6
處理器第四代 Intel Core i5 2.5 GHz 或 AMD FX8350 4.0 GHz 以上
記憶體4 GB
記憶體8 GB
儲存空間12 GB
儲存空間12 GB
顯示卡1GB DirectX 11 顯示卡(AMD 5570、NVIDIA 450 或 Intel Integrated 顯示卡 530)
顯示卡2GB DirectX 11 顯示卡(AMD 7970 或 NVIDIA 770 以上)
  • 遊戲語音:英語、法語、義大利語、德語、西班牙語(西班牙)、日語、韓語、波蘭語、俄語、繁體中文、簡體中文
  • 遊戲文字:英文、法文、義大利文、德文、西班牙文(西班牙)、日文、韓文、波蘭文、葡萄牙文(巴西)、俄語、繁體中文、簡體中文
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