Unreal Tournament Community Event: TDM


The Unreal Tournament Community Playtest Event was a great success and both the developers and the community seemed to have a great time meeting, chatting and playing the new UT with each other. We had a full review of the event on this live stream and posted the CTF match a few weeks ago. Now it’s time to post the long awaited TDM match!

In what turned out to be a close match, Mysterial, Skinnz, DrSin, Entropy and poopy played very well but could never recover from the early lead of the community. Hypno and Xios were on the top of the scoreboard for the blue team, while Skinnz ans Clawfist fought hard for the red team. The final was Community 85, Devs 73.

A big thank you to the community group for joining us!

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