Chris Perna Reveals New UT Necris Concept

Nano-BlackYesterday on the Unreal Tournament live Twitch Stream, Art Director Chris Perna showed us new concept art of Loque and other Necris characters. Chris also showed us an amazing sculpture he made of Loque from one of the concepts!

The folks watching the stream really loved it and have asked us for more pictures and information.

I was able to ask Chris a few questions about making the Loque sculpture.

Be sure to check the gallery below for some of the photographs take by Epic Games Senior Artist Bill Green.

Stacey Conley: How long did it take to create the sculpture?

Chris Perna: It took me three days to sculpt and paint working about four hours a day.

Chris Perna Necris Bust - Photo by Bill Green

Photo taken by Bill Green

SC: What materials did you use?

CP: First I used tinfoil to build up a base for the sculpt on some plumbing pipe I bought at home depot.  Then I used Super Sculpey for the actual sculpture.  I also used a few plastic bits and pieces from a tank model kit and decals from various model kits.

The paint is FW acrylic inks applied with an Iwata custom micro airbrush.  I use Krylon acrylic crystal clear coating Matte finish to seal the paint and “Triple Thick” solution to add the “wet look” shine to the eyes and the Nano-Black surfaces.

SC: Do you plan to make any other Unreal Tournament related sculptures?

1CP: Yes I will be making more.  I have a work in progress sculpt of the Skaarj character and plan to do one from each faction as time allows.

One of the reasons I like to create a small scale bust like this is so that people can visualize the design quickly.  It’s one thing to see a piece of 2d concept art but another to be able to turn it around and view it from all angles in 3d with a proper paint scheme and materials.

Thank you Chris, we’re looking forward to seeing the Skaarj! Chris also mentioned he’d love to see more logos from the community based in Unreal Tournament lore.

PhayderLogo01_KOHe really liked the Phayder Corp logo created by CognizanCe on the forums and he’s hoping to see a new Liandri Mining Corp logo as well as logos from the different teams and factions.

Also on the stream, Joe Wilcox took a look at the latest Unreal Tournament HUD being created by the community. We are hoping to have the new HUD in the next Unreal Tournament build due out Thursday or Friday of next week.

Last but not least, Steve Polge gave a programming update and talked about the latest weapon tweaks.


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