Community Weapons and Gametypes

oEyRQS2This week on the live stream, Senior Artist Pete Hayes showed us some of the awesome weapons being created by the community. Folks we’re happy and surprised to see that community superstar, Wail, was working on the ripper!

Pete also talked about the next official weapons coming into the game. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Also on the stream, special guest Tim “Timeh” Azevedo talked with Sidney and Zack about his new gametypes, Speed and Domination. Speed is very reminiscent of the gametype “Bunny Tracks” from previous versions of UT and Domination is the old favorite. Dom is team based and the objective is to control three points on a map. We’ve had a lot of fun playing them in our playtests and they are modded servers for both gametypes. Check out hubs labeled “Mod Hubs” if you’d like to play these awesome gametypes!

Steve gave us a programming update and let us know we will have a new build next week.


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