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futuregames-logoEpic Games Evangelist Sjoerd “Hourences” DeJong recently challenged students at Futuregames in Stockholm to create CTF levels in Unreal Tournament. After introducing them to the game and the Unreal Tournament editor, Sjoerd asked the students to create a six to ten player CTF blockout level with solid gameplay.

The students rose to the challenge! Only one of the students had previous experience creating a level for a first person shooter.

Many of the maps look like they could go on to be classic CTF levels. The students really did some great work and we’re looking forward to seeing the levels progress. We really want to thank them for allowing us to share their work!

The levels are available for download and the links will be updated on the Unreal Tournament Forums.

Let’s take a look at those levels!

fgforgeworks3Map Name: Forgeworks

Author: ErikRayleigh

Description: Forgeworks is a CTF map ideally suited for 8-12 players. It’s simple layout and straightforward design makes it ideally suited for newcomers and pros alike.

Based on a design by Erik “Sabot” Franzén.
Download Link

FGLevelOlympus1Map Name: Olympus

Author: Oett

Description: A capture the flag map set in a castle in the sky with a great glass wall protecting one side from the other.

Download Link

fglevelPlanetarium2Map Name: FG-Planetarium

Author: Glacke

Description: Planetarium is a fast paced and jumppad-heavy capture the flag map set in space, where controlling the middle section is the key to success. It consists of the middle section with two floors and alot of jumppads.

Two bases with two floors each. There are also four paths connecting to each base, two between the lower middle floor and two between the upper middle floor.

Download Link

fglevelwasteplant1Map Name: FG-WastePlant-B

Author: Naquid

Description: map for 6 to 8 players, teams try to gain control of the middle area in order to gain access to the best weapons and upgrades.

The map is easy for new players to learn but some areas are filled with dangers that even the most advanced players need time to master.

Download Link

fglevelomega1303Map Name: Omega13

Author: NickolaiFuglevaag

Description: CTF-Omega13 is a capture the flag level for 6-10 players located on a space station inside a massive rock in outer space. In the middle of the map there is an open section where the space station goes out into space.

This section has jump pads going across from base to base with low gravity in the middle, bringing some risk for those choosing to take the “quick and easy way”. There is an alternate corridor going across which takes longer but has a Sniper Rifle pickup in the middle and an open area overlooking the entire middle section.

The entrance to each base has a choke point coming from the middle and then splitting up into multiple paths all ending up in the flag room, where the flag is waiting on a small platform in the air.

Download Link

fglevelbridge2Map Name: FG-Bridge

Author: Snigeljakob

Description: Bridge is a straight forward CTF map with a heavy focus on sniping.

Filled with jump pads and great distances, it’s great for anyone who likes to hit high speed targets with the hit scan weapons.

Download Link

fglevelsanitarium1Map Name: Sanitarium

Author: KristinaWikholm


Game Type: CTF
Team Size: 6-10 players

A small, intense close combat map intended for both new as well as experienced players.

Download Link

fglevelskywalk1Map Name: Skywalk

Author: Brytarn


I haven’t played a lot of Unreal Tournament since I only had access to consoles growing up.

I did play alot of Halo multiplayer on the other hand and therefore this level is heavily inspired of one of my favorite levels in Halo 3, Narrows.

No levelart done. Still mostly WIP

Download Link

fgkillscreen3Map Name: FG-Killscreen

Author: noraneer


Killscreen is a CTF level for 6-12 players.

It has a large central area built for long-ranged weapons and smaller defense areas for more close combat.

Download Link

fglevelvitrum3Map Name: Vitrum

Author: LauraPreminger

Description: Fast paced and intense close combat Capture the Flag level with two open sniper areas suitable for 6 to 10 players.

Easy to understand for beginners, gives the opportunity for experienced players to shine in difficult paths that offer a faster flow.

Inspired in gothic cathedrals architecture.

Made by Laura de Llorens.

Download Link

fglevelsilo1Map Name: FG-Silo

Author: Klöverkung

Description: This is my CTF map made for 8-12 players where the central silo is the focal point.

The map offers nice opportunities for snipers as well as for close to mid ranged combat enthusiasts. There are a bunch of small arenas where a lot of small skirmishes can take place, and also side routes and circular routes to offer opportunities to nicely and strategically cut off your opponent.

Download Link

fglevelrhea2Map Name: FG-Rhea

Author: ivan.hook


A map made for 6 to 10 players. Flag rooms are connected with a window in-between to make camping the flag harder.

Download Link

aCrQdXkMap Name: FG-Salvation

Author: ArielVicente

Description:6-12 players.

Salvation is designed to be straightforward and intuitive for beginners while still maintaining a layer of depth that experienced players can take advantage of.

Teams must balance attacking, defending and taking control of the center in order to succeed.

Download Link

fgleveldivide3Map Name: FG-Divide

Author: William Wennergren

Description: Set on a oil platform, Divide is a symmetrical CTF-map (6-10 players) that not only rewards precision shooting but also strategic thinking.

The map is repackaged (2014-04-02) to work with the newest version of UT.

Download the map and have fun!

Download Link

rwfVBxoMap Name: FG-Monolith-B

Author: Eriction

Description: Hey, guys! Futuregamer here. I’m a little late to the party, but here goes nothing!


Epic battles set in an ancient Monolithic structure. Kick your foes into oblivion through the great spartan pit of death!

Download Link

HighresScreenshot00034Map Name: SpaceChamber

Author: Trinxy

Description: Hi guys, another late futuregamer here!

SpaceChamber is a large CTF map set in space with a variety of different areas. Everything from narrow corridors to big open room.

I have another thread if you want to leave some feedback or watch more screenshots. Click Here.

Download Link

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