Gametypes and Art from the Community

BR-Proto-Pic07On this week’s live stream, Zack and Jim take a look at some of the community gametypes we’ve been trying out in our playtests. We had a great time playing Unreal Arena, which is a brand new WIP variant of the popular Team Arena Master from Unreal Tournament 2004.

Community member vlad.serbanescu11 has done a great job bringing it all together and he’s also working on the newest version of Bombing Run. We’re very excited to watch the progress of these mods and see them through to completion! Be sure to grab them when you have a chance and give them a test. You can give vlad feedback in either of the threads.

danpaz3d_phayder_stealth_helmet4Also this week, Sr. Mechanical Modeler Pete Hayes takes a look at some of the latest 3D models and weapon concepts from the community and gives us a look at the newest iteration for the Link Gun that will soon be in the game! Be sure to head over to the thread and give Pete aka YemYam some feedback!

Last but not least, we took a look at a screenshot from community member “Polyneutron”. He has done some amazing work and we’ll be featuring his shots in a story soon so keep watching!

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