New Build Available with DM-Chill

We’re introducing a visually polished version of our popular Chill deathmatch map, a Nordic fortress set high in an icy mountain range. We’ve also released a short video to introduce this new arena.

Chill is a great level to try out our new Showdown game mode. In Showdown, players get one life per round, and start with 200 health. Before each round, players select their spawn location, allowing them to choose which weapons or power ups they want to start near.

We’ve also brought back the classic BigHead mutator, where player’s head size scales depending on their kill death ratio.

We’ve made an Elo and ranking system overhaul, with new rank badges. Bot AI has been improved, and we’ve made movement and weapon balance changes. This update includes many other game enhancements, bug fixes and updates. You can see a full list of the changes introduced last week and this week on the Unreal Tournament wiki.

DM-Chill Trailer

DM Chill Gallery

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