New Screenshots, And Learn To Make Your Own!

With the announcement of Unreal Engine 4 going free, a new UT Editor and updated Unreal Tournament comes some new screenshots from Epic Games Art Director Chris Perna. These shots were taken in the map available in the latest build of UT, Outpost 23. Chris took the hi-res  shots in Unreal Engine 4 using  basic commands that you can use as well.


If you would like to take your shots from in game, you can do so by bringing up the console by pressing the tilde ~ key. Then you type in one of the following commands. You can change the multiplier of the first command and you will get a screenshot x times of your current resolution. The command below will give you a resolution that is twice the size of the resolution of your game.

The second command gives you the ability so set the resolution to any resolution you wish. Remember though, the larger the screenshot the more processing power you will use!

Typing the following will take a screenshot that is twice as big as the screen resolution:
HighResShot 2
Similarly, the command below will take a screenshot at 3840 wide by 2160 high:
HighResShot 3840x2160

Unreal Engine 4 also has a powerful screenshot tool that will give you flexibility when you take your shots. You can read more about it and follow a tutorial HERE.


Do you have any tips for people trying to take that perfect shot? Post them in the comments below! We’d also love to see screenshots you’ve taken so be sure to share them with us here, on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

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