Texturing Outpost 23 with DDO Painter for UE4 - Quixel Suite

In this advanced tutorial for using DDO Painter with Unreal Engine 4, Quixel's Scott Baker shows us how Epic Games' environment artist, Josh Marlow textured Outpost 23 using the Quixel Suite.

Quixel teamed with Epic Games to create some feature specific features such as grime mask exporting. Learn everything from exporting masks from DDO, to setting up material functions and master materials in Unreal Engine 4.

DDO is a PBR texture painting tool right inside Photoshop that enables you to create final textures extremely quickly. It really is one of the most artistic and high quality workflows out there.

Scott Baker is an Tech Artist & Web Developer working at Quixel. He’s been developing with Unreal Engine since Unreal Tournament 2004, and has spent most of his time pushing real-time rendering specifically in the Architectural Visualization field. He like to regularly take part in the Unreal Engine monthly jams.

This tutorial also covers material instancing, which is explained more in-depth here.

You can get DDO Painter here: http://quixel.se

Outpost 23 is also listed in Artstations "Best of 2015" in the Digital 3D Environment category.

https://cdn2.unrealengine.com/UnrealTournamentBlog/jan_2016/jan7_2016/quixel1-1904x1038-798141197.JPG https://cdn2.unrealengine.com/UnrealTournamentBlog/jan_2016/jan7_2016/quixel2-1909x1046-1608738006.JPG

https://cdn2.unrealengine.com/UnrealTournamentBlog/jan_2016/jan7_2016/quixelshare2-1735x943-190859411.JPG https://cdn2.unrealengine.com/UnrealTournamentBlog/jan_2016/jan7_2016/quixel3-1282x690-272157143.JPG


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