The Evolution of Outpost 23

16558473057_da333035b3_oYesterday on the Unreal Tournament live Twitch stream, Unreal Tournament art team members Chris Perna, Josh Marlow and Rick Kohler walked us through the development of the newly-released Outpost 23 map.

Last week, along with announcing Unreal Engine 4 would be going free and adding UT to the Launcher, Outpost 23 was released along with an updated version of Unreal Tournament.

The level made quite a splash at GDC and was featured in Epic’s booth, Nvidia’s booth and also the Valve booth where they showed the level running on a Steam Box and 60 inch 4K television. Chris Perna showed us some never-before-seen screenshots and concept art and the team talked about the different color schemes and iterations of the map.

Environment artists Josh Marlow and Rick Kohler talked about Outpost’s environments and how they have changed during development. They also let us know that the level is still being worked on and is not yet complete.

Josh Marlow posted quite a few screenshots of the level over at the Polycount forums and let us know some of the people who helped during development. Josh did most of the meshes, James Kincaid made the laser drill and small clamp, Pete Hayes made the circular hatch, Rick Kohler did the fan blades and canisters and finally, Anton Migulko created the outer landscape.

Rick Kohler also created the decals and did the meshing and lighting. Art Director Chris Perna worked on meshing, lighting and post processing while Tim Elek and Bill Kladis helped out with the environment fx.

So what do you think about Outpost 23? Let us know in the comments below!

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