The Return of CHAOS!

ChaosUT was selected as one of only three mods to be included on the ‘Unreal Tournament Game of the Year Edition’ retail CD released by Epic Games. We are very happy to announce that CHAOS will return for the latest version of Unreal Tournament!

R.Flagg from the CHAOS team joined us over the weekend for our Unreal Tournament Community Event and shared the new CHAOS logo with us. A lot of our team members played and enjoyed the mod since the first Unreal Tournament and some of us even played with it in Quake 2! I fondly remember playing hours of KOTH in the original Unreal Tournament.

unnamedI also have ties with the CHAOS team, having voiced the Proxy Mines for the Unreal Tournament 2004 version of the mod. The mod has always been a fan favorite and we’re really happy to see its return!

For more information about CHAOS, head over to or catch up with the CHAOS team on the Unreal Tournament forums! A big thank you to “thatscrawnykid” on the team for making me my own special Flak edition Proxy Mine desktop wallpaper!

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