Unreal Tournament at GDC

Hello from San Francisco! We’re at GDC representing all your hard work with today’s release. This update includes a revamped launcher, a new customized Unreal Editor for UT, and the new Unreal Tournament marketplace. New content includes the Malcolm and Necris characters, as well as Outpost 23, a fun and beautiful map that’s designed to show where UT can go, and give you content to use in your own maps.


The UT marketplace features the game’s first cosmetic items (sweet hats!) and the free Lea map, which was created by community contributor Neil Moore. If you’re ready to contribute, we’ve put together a series of tutorials to help you start making things in the customized editor here http://learn.unrealtournament.com.


The journey over the past year couldn’t have happened without everyone around the world who has contributed to the game in some way, and we hope the modding tools and marketplace will continue to help make the game and the community even better.

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