Unreal Tournament: UT on the Launcher, Flak Cannon and More!

launcherThe team was happy to announce that Unreal Tournament has made its debut on the Unreal Engine Launcher this week!

Jim Brown took a look at the launcher and its features and Art Director Chris Perna showed us the new Official Flak Cannon by KazeoHin-TechAE. 

flack19SportSenior Gameplay Programmer Pete Knepley let us know how the Unreal Tournament Community has helped to troubleshoot and fix mouse issues in the game.

We also took a look bad at our previous Community Event and chatted a bit about the new event coming up in November.

Guests: Steve Polge, Jim “@EntropicDev” Brown, Pete “@Petenub” Knepley and Chris Perna
Host: Stacey “@Flak” Conley


The podcast will also be available soon on iTunes!

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