Unreal Tournament CTF Exhibition Contest

On the weekend of September 18th to 20th, 2015, fifteen Unreal Tournament Capture the Flag players will descend upon Epic Games Headquarters in Cary, North Carolina. They will be here to compete in Epic Games' first Exhibition Capture the Flag match for the new Unreal Tournament. Players will compete for bragging rights and awesome prizes from Origin PC, NVIDIA, Corsair, Logitech and more. 

They will not only compete against each other, they will also be competing against a team of developers who are creating the game! We'll see how the devs stack up against some of the most skilled UT CTF players in the world. 

We have a talented bunch coming in from across the globe. We need two more players though! How would you like to be one of them? In 200 words or less, let us know why you should be the one of the two players to receive $500.00 USD toward the cost of your trip here. You can post your entry in the comments below or on the post on Facebook. Entries will be judged and scored on the following criteria:

  • Up to 50 points for competitive skill level (describe competitions you have participated in and the results)
  • Up to 25 points for communication skills
  • Up to 25 points for knowledge of Unreal Tournament

The contest ends September 4th 2015 and you can read all of the Official Rules HERE! Good luck and we hope to see you in September!


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