October 21st Build Release Notes
Posted by Jan Smolders on

Don’t miss this scary Halloween update to the Unreal Tournament pre-alpha! This version includes special content and unlocks available only for a limited time during the Halloween period. We’ve also continued to make lots of updates and improvements to the game, as detailed in the full version notes. Spooky Face is a twisted take on the classic Facing Worlds map. Harvest 6666 pumpkins to earn the Pumpkin Fiend mask, and keep it after the season ends. Watch out for the gravestones, and beware the Boom Broom!


You can also earn special seasonal leader hats by picking up the skulls dropped on death on all Epic official hubs. Unlock the Harvest Gourd with 200 skulls, the Harvest Spectre with 1000 skulls, and the Harvest Ember with 5000 skulls. The Harvest Ember will become a permanent part of your collection. You can check your skull collection progress anytime on your player card.

Five new Halloween offline challenges have been added. Beat them to gain spooky stars, which will unlock the Trickster horns (5 spooky stars), the Hellion horns (10) and the Baaler horns (15). You also now earn XP in all offline challenges, with an XP bonus for newly earned stars. We will also be releasing additional offline challenges frequently, so check back often!

We’ve also focused on community content, with improved custom content download support. In addition, we’ve added a button to the hub UI to download all custom content used by the hub. Replays now support redirects, so you can watch replays made with custom content. Trusted community hubs now support earning XP and record replays. Look for the trusted hub icon in the hub browser.


Gameplay hasn’t taken a back seat, with new weapon balance tweaks, improvements to bot AI, and lots of other fixes and improvements. And to improve the online experience, we’ve added new server administration tools and functionality.


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