Unreal Tournament CTF Build Release Notes

We’re really excited to share this new update to the Unreal Tournament pre-alpha with you.  This is our biggest release to date, with new characters, new Capture the Flag maps, and major new features like the Pre-Alpha Season progression system and the Offline Challenges.  If you are a fan of Unreal Tournament, this release is definitely worth checking out.  At the same time, it is still very much a work in progress, and we’d love to get your feedback either on our forums or on our facebook page.  Also, don’t miss our CTF Exhibition tournament with top players from around the world, which we will be live streaming on twitch.tv and youtube Saturday September 19 at 1 PM EST.  

We have three Capture the Flag maps with a full visual pass included in this build.  Titan Pass is based on the CTF-Outside shell that has been in our released builds for many months.

For thousands of years, these stone titans stood vigilant over an impenetrable fortress of iron and stone, a focal point of the heavily defended border between the Verans and the Pangol.  Liandri representatives provided both sides with advanced weaponry in return for valuable mining concessions.  The few remaining Pangol and Verans now eke out a subsistence living as miners.

The classic Facing Worlds CTF map returns with updated visuals.  Just think “HEADSHOT!” :).

Our third polished CTF map is Pistola Battleground, created by community contributor Jayoplus.  It is based on the popular Unreal Tournament 2004 map of the same name.

This build includes two new playable characters, the necris female Visse and the Skaarj trooper Garog.  We’ve also polished the meshes, materials, and animations of our three newest weapon models, the Sniper Rifle from community contributor Aberiu, the Rocket Launcher, and the Link Gun.


This marks the start of our Pre-Alpha season, which will run through the end of October.  When you play on official Epic hubs, you gain experience which will allow you to unlock new character customization options.  See the Unreal Tournament website for more details.  This is our first iteration of the progression system, so it may be a bit bumpy.  You can earn items you’ll always keep with the pre-alpha logo that show you participated, and help us make the game better by giving us your feedback.

We’ve made improvements to the bot AI, especially for CTF.  Our new offline challenges give you an easy way to test yourself against the bots and also to unlock more content.

This build represents the culmination of a lot of improvements we’ve been working on over the last few months.  If you haven’t played the game in a while, you may be interested in an overview of other recent changes (July build and August build).  And check out FragCenter on the web or inside the game.  We continually update it with new videos created by the Epic developers and by the community.  Please submit your own highlight videos for consideration too!

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