Unreal Tournament September Community Event

20140905_204234441_iOSOn September 5th, 2014, Epic Games and the Unreal Tournament team brought in a few members of the community to play an early prototype of Unreal Tournament. We invited a broad spectrum competitive players and enthusiasts from each generation of Unreal Tournament and Unreal Tournament community contributors.

We brought in people who are actively creating content for the game, making concepts, prototyping, programming or are community ambassadors.

P1070752This was only the first of our UT events and we’re looking forward to hosting more people in the future. We’re super excited about the new game and the unique way it’s being built.

We know that some good one-on-one time with members of the community will help with the development process and we look forward to their live and unfiltered feedback.

We’d like to thank the community for coming and playing with us and giving their feedback and to Joe Wilson and the amazing cinematic team at Epic games for getting this video together. We hope you enjoy it!

We’d love for you to get involved as well! If you’re a mapper, modder, programmer, artist, rigger, animator or like to create content for games, we’d love for you to join us! Please visit the Unreal Tournament Forums to get started!

Be sure to like and follow our social pages for all the latest news, media and official information!

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