Blitz Level Design

Sidney Rauchberger walks us through the design of a Blitz level for Unreal Tournament


The Making of Fort: Part One

We chat with Adam Wood about his concepts for the Blitz level, Fort. Blitz, formerly known as Flag Run, is available now!

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Mapcore and Epic Games Level Design Contest Winners!

The winners of the Mapcore and Epic Games Showdown Level Design Contest have been chosen!

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The Making of Fort: Part Two

Stu Fitzsimmons on what goes into designing a level for Unreal Tournament's latest gametype, Blitz.

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New Community Maps On The UT Marketplace!

Head to the Unreal Tournament Marketplace to download five new maps created by the community! 

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DM-Tuba, New Build and Party System

The team takes a look at the new party system, new build and DM Tuba

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