DM-Tuba, New Build and Party System

The team takes a look at the new party system, new build and DM Tuba

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New Build Available with DM-Chill

We're happy to release the latest build of Unreal Tournament that includes DM-Chill!


DM Chill Progress and New Build Update

DM Chill is coming along and we take a look at the progress with Sr. Level Designer Stu Fitzsimmons

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DM-Chill Walkthrough, ELO ratings and New Build Info

Progress on Stu's Chill map, Pete talks about ELO and MMR, and a build update from Steve.

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Robots and Chill

This week on the live stream Pete Hayes and the rest take a look at some of the awesome content coming from the community. We had Link gun models from Mangley, Stinger models form JoeP, inVader and MadMax. 

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February 2 Build Release Notes

Check out the release notes for the build released February 2, 2016