Unreal Tournament Halloween

Halloween Update Available NOW!

By stacey.conley

We have just released an update to Unreal Tournament for you to check out and play! The update has many new features that were included from Unreal Engine 4.13 and 4.14. This update also includes Spooky Facing Worlds from the Halloween content and you will have special challenges and items to unlock!

UnrealTournament%2Fblog%2Fhalloween-update-available-now%2FSpookyHalloween1-1920x1080-09bc4bb0821d921b9f825427e23018e493a8c9eaUnreal Tournament now has a new Enforcer and a new WIP Grenade Launcher. There have been many changes and tweaks to weapon functionality and balance, as well as improved networking during times of high packet loss.


We have also polished the tutorial system and new players will be directed right to the tutorials when they enter the game. 


For a complete overview of fixes, changes and updates, check out the following video by Zaccubus or read the release notes over at the Unreal Tournament Wiki. As always, you can post comments and questions below or on our forums. You can also reach us via Twitter and Facebook! 

An Unreal Halloween 2016:

  • Spooky version of Facing Worlds
    • Spooky pumpkins and the Boom Broom!
  • Earn special seasonal leader hats by picking up Pumpkins on all Epic and Trusted hubs! See your current total on your player card.
    • 200 Pumpkins earns the Harvest Gourd.
    • 1000 Pumpkins earns the Harvest Spectre.
    • 5000 Pumpkins earns the Harvest Ember.
  • Earn special seasonal leader hats for completing the Halloween Offline Challenges
    • Five spooky stars earns the Trickster horns.
    • Ten spooky stars earns the Helion horns.
    • Fifteen spooky stars earns the Baaler horns.

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