Mapcore and Epic Games Level Design Contest Winners!

7.28.2016 we live streamed the results of the Epic Games and Mapcore Unreal Tournament Level Design contest for Showdown. So much work was put into the making of the maps and we had a hard time deciding on the winnners. Luckily, we had the help of the folks at Mapcore to give us a hand. Phase one had 74 submissions and we were overwhelmed with the quality of work and the level of expertise the level designers showed in their offerings. With such small teams, getting through all of the maps was quite a challenge! After it was all over, the playing field had decreased to 28 submissions for phase two. 

We want to thank everyone who entered a map in the contest and we're hoping to see some of these levels completed and in the game sometime in the future.

Sprony from Mapcore will be contacting the winners to get their information so they can receive their prizes. Congratulations to not only the winners, but to everyone who entered. Your work is amazing and we can't wait to see more. We'll be in touch with all of the winners to discuss the possibility of their levels getting into the marketplace or game! 

We would like to thank all of the entrants for their hard work, the Unreal Tournament community for their assistance, the UT QA team and most of all Sprony, the fine folks at Mapcore and Chris Kay from Epic Games for making the contest a reality! 

Here are the winners!

1st place:
DM-Unsaved by Heresiarch
Unsaved - Mapcore
Prize: $1650.00 and Unreal Tournament Swag

2nd place:
DM-Croft by Scinbed
Croft - Mapcore
Prize: $850.00 and Unreal Tournament Swag

3rd place:
DM-Batrankus by TheGlecter 
Bataranus - Mapcore
Prize: $500.00 and Unreal Tournament Swag

4th place:
DM-Vacant by NATO_chrisjm
Vacant - Mapcore
Prize: Honorable Mention - Unreal Tournament Swag

5th place: 
DM-Exo by Tidu
Exo - Mapcore
Prize: Honorable Mention - Unreal Tournament Swag

Level Design Contest Winners live stream archive

If you'd like to see more screenshots, head over to the Unreal Tournament Flickr Page

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