New Build and New Map "Underland"

By Jan Smolders

Today we released a fully meshed Deathmatch level called Underland with the new Unreal Tournament build. This level is designed for 6 to 8 players who fight across a hidden outpost, once lost for a thousand years, that guards the entrance to the massive Underland caverns.

We asked the community to help rename the prototype level "Tuba" and we'd like to thank forum member Archer6621 for proposing the name Underland. We'll be sending him an Unreal Tournament Swag Bag filled with Epic merchandise for his suggestion!

To get an idea of the difference between the prototype shell and the final meshed level, check out the before and after screenshots! For hi-res images of the level, visit our Flickr page.

Also in the new build there are 8 new Blue Star offline challenges, four in Underland and four in Chill, our two most recently completed levels.

You can read all of the release notes for the new build HERE.