Unreal Tournament Community Maps

New Community Maps On The UT Marketplace!

By Flak

Yesterday on the Unreal Tournament Live Stream, Senior Level Designer Sid Rauchberger chatted about about five maps built by the community that will be included in the next Unreal Tournament update. In this update, that will be releasing today, players will have the opportunity to grab five community maps for free from the UT Marketplace. We're very excited to release these beautiful levels to the community! Sidney worked with the community level designers and gave them suggestions to help them get the maps ready for release. We love what the community has done and we're looking forward to more community levels in the future! 


Map Name: CTF-Polaris
Author: Payback

Description: Liandri's deep space mining exploration station Polaris is an ideal location for high level capture the flag tournaments.


Map Name: DM-Salt
Author: Nato_ChrisJM

​Description: This monastery/fortress was once home to an ancient order of monks dedicated to contemplating the afterlife. Liandri acquired the site via their ‘Heritage Program’ under the express understanding that they continued the orders work; unfortunately for the monks nobody specified how.


Map Name: DM-Batrankus
Author: G.Lecter

​Description: Once main hub of an ancient water distribution system, this site is now completely adapted for the Tournament.


Map Name: DM-Backspace
Author: Scinbed

​Description: The ancient winds that permeate this bloodthirsty conclave are said to echo the calls of the old protectors, summoning exiled warriors from afar to prove their worth in trials of combat.


Map Name: DM-Unsaved
Author: Heresiarch

​Description: Constructed to exploit a large deposit of Tarydium in the core of a small moon, this remote satellite mining facility is one of the newer Tournament Arenas offered by LMC. Due to the presence of the three X29 fusion devices, the moon has now been displaced into a decaying orbit. This has led its former crew to designate the facility … Unsaved

You can check out the live stream archive, which includes a Q&A session with Project Lead Steve Polge below. 

Don't forget to grab the new build from the launcher and get your free maps! You can check out the trailer, created by Zaccubus below!