The Return of Chaos (Part 4)

By Stacey Conley

This is part four in our ChaosUT interview series. There is a version of Chaos available for almost every game in the UT series; ChaosUT for the original UT, ChaosUT2 for UT2003 and ChaosUT2:Evolution for UT2004. You can grab any or all of them over at the team's website, Chaotic Dreams.

If you'd like to give them some feedback or just chat about the mod, you can head over to the Chaotic Dreams forum or jump in THIS thread on the UT forums.

"Chaos doesn't have any real sense behind its construction. In principle it's only a bunch of weird and cool things tied together; …simply “chaotic”. However,  you will always find a way, or a weapon, which will exploit the weak spot of your enemies." RFlagg

Team members have come and gone, but some constants have remained, like Project Manager R.Flagg. He has put a lot of love, time and energy into the project over the years, "just for the fun of it".

Stacey Conley: How is development going?

Mark (R.Flagg) Myers: Amazing! Sure, it takes a lot of time with a small team who do this part-time, but these guys are just knocking it out of the park.

SC: How far along has development progressed? When you consider that we still haven't added any weapons yet, I guess you could say we have a very long way to go. But we don't plan on waiting until the entire mod is finished before releasing our 1st version to the public.

SC: What is your role on the Chaos team?

MM: Design/Test/Manage

SC: What do you do when you're not working on Chaos?

MM: Think about Chaos.

SC: What is your favorite Chaos memory?

MM: I've been around it so long, that there's really too many to pick just one. But one of them would have to be way back in the Quake2 Chaos days, when Trixie invited me to join the MOO Clan, which was one of the most popular and respected clans playing Chaos at the time. It felt like a real honor. What other mods have you worked on?

MM: Absolutely none, nor have I ever wanted to. I am solely devoted to Chaos.

SC: What are you most looking forward to in Chaos?

MM: That's easy. The first public release of Chaos for UT4. Not reaching a public release for UT3 was such a huge disappointment, and the break-up of the old team that followed, really was depressing for me. To see it come back to life, and (potentially) succeed once again - it's hard to describe how exciting that would be for me.

RFlagg reminded us the the Chaos team is still recruiting! If you think you have what it takes be sure to go post in the Chaos thread on the Unreal Tournament forums!