Titan Pass

For thousands of years, these stone titans stood vigilant over an impenetrable fortress of iron and stone, a focal point of the heavily defended border between the Verans and the Pangol. Liandri representatives provided both sides with advanced weaponry in return for valuable mining concessions. The few remaining Pangol now eke out a subsistence living as miners, and there are no more Verans.

Facing Worlds

This classic CTF map is one of the most memorable arenas in Unreal Tournament history. Two symmetrical towers and an open midfield provide for an extremely well balanced match - unless one team has a sniper waiting to strike at unarmored victims. Keep a wary eye, there are lines of sight to and from almost every area of this map.

Outpost 23

The Outland Territories are notoriously hostile due to their rugged landscape and sheer distance from colonized space. They're also renowned for being extremely rich in rare mineral deposits, so the Liandri Mining Corporation established a series of remote Outposts to collect and refine resources, despite the initial cost in human capital.