We are going to make a cosmetic item that can be worn by your UT character, a new hat that bursts into flame when you taunt.

In this process you will:

  • Import new mesh and texture files
  • Assemble the hat
  • Apply flames taunting effect

Getting Started

Launch the UT Editor (you can do this from the Launcher under Unreal Tournament → Create → Launch)

  1. In the UT Editor go to FileOpen Level
  2. Select Restricted Assets
  3. Type tutorial to find all tutorial maps
  4. Open the CosmeticItemTutorialMap

Note: Selecting Content sometimes shows no items. Select Restricted Assets instead.

Taunt to View the Hat

An easy way to preview the hat on your head is to play a taunt animation by pressing J.

Video 2 : Look at the existing hat by taunting.

  • Press Play to preview the game in the editor window
  • Press J to see how the hat looks on you while you taunt
  • Press ESC to exit preview mode

Import new Hat Mesh and Texture

We want to change the beret into a top hat. We will start by importing a new hat mesh and texture for the hat. To learn more about making materials in UE4...

Video 3 : Import a new top hat mesh and texture.

  • Select the Content folder in the content browser.  
  • Click on Import, and select the files TopHat_Mesh.FBX and TopHat_Texture.TGA located in ...\UnrealTournament\Content\RestrictedAssets\Tutorials\...
  • A dialogue box will pop up that is called FBX Import Options; just click on Import on the bottom right

You should see a top hat Static Mesh and a top hat Texture in your Content Browser.

Assemble the Hat (Create Material)

In Unreal Engine, materials combine multiple textures and apply them to any surface. To apply our texture to the hat mesh, we must create a material.

Video 4 : Create a material that applies the imported texture to surfaces.

  • Right click on the TopHat_Texture, and select Create Material from the dialogue box
  • You should see a new material called TopHat_Texture_Mat

Assemble the Hat (Apply Material)

Video 5 : Apply material to mesh

  • In the Content Browser, double click the TopHat_Mesh to edit it
  • Click in the viewport, and then press F to focus on the mesh
  • Find the material selector for Element 0 under the LOD0 category; it is set to WorldGridMaterial by default
  • Click on the material selector and pick TopHat_Texture_Mat from the list
  • The material is now applying a texture to the hat; the top hat should appear textured in the viewport

Assemble the Hat (Blueprint)

In Unreal Engine, Blueprints combine art assets with logic to create visual effects and gameplay. We will modify the existing Blueprint to use our top hat assets instead of the beret.

Video 6 : Modify the hat Blueprint to use top hat assets.

  • Locate the existing hat Blueprint in the Content Browser by searching for TutorialHat01; double click the blueprint to edit it. Note: when looking for content, remember to clear all filters.
  • In the Blueprint editor, click on the Viewport tab to see the components being assembled into the beret
  • Click on the HatMesh to select it (either in the Viewport or in the Components panel); press F to focus
  • In the Details panel, find the Static Mesh property (currently set to SM_BeretCap) and select the TopHat_Mesh

Test the Assembled Hat

Now that we have made your changes to the Tutorial Hat, you can test it out right in the editor window.

Video 7 : Test the hat assembly.
  • Press Play to test the game
  • Press J to see how you look in the new hat
  • Press ESC to go back to editing

Saving Your Hat

  • Save any modified assets by pressing the Save All button in the Content Browser.
  • You may see a prompt asking which items to save. Check any items that you have modified and click Save Selected
  • To use the hat in a game (outside the editor), you have to package it for sharing. Package and Share

Set Your Hat on Fire

Blueprints do more than just assemble components together; they can also add logic. Let us add logic to make the top hat burst into flames when you taunt.

Video 8 : Add scripted behavior to your hat.

  • Open your TutorialHat01 blueprint from the Content Browser.
  • Click on the Event Graph tab
  • Find the section of the script that mentions Burst into flames and drag the mouse to connect the output from the taunt event to the input of the particle system
  • This will enable a scripted event that plays the flame particle effects every time a character taunts while wearing the hat

Test the Taunting Effect

The top hat should now burst into flames whenever you dance. Hit play and then press J once you are in game to taunt and check out the effect!

Going further...

If you would like to go further, explore other gameplay scripts for your hat...

  • Play a sound when a frag is scored
  • Adjust kill streak hat properties
  • Hint: explore the Event Graph in the hat Blueprint.

Next Steps

Finished with your flaming hat? Let's build a CTF Map to play on! Map Making Step 1: Gameplay 

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