Map Making 1 of 3 (Gameplay)

The gameplay of a level is affected by much more than level geometry. Where players spawn, the locations of weapon pickups, and presence of jump pads can completely alter the player experience.

  In this tutorial you will:

  • Add player spawn locations
  • Add weapon pickups
  • Modify jump pads

Getting Started

We have created a level to help familiarize you with various elements that affect a level's gameplay. Open LevelTutorialMap to see what we have prepared:

Video 1 : Open a map that demonstrates gameplay elements in action:

  • Click on FileOpen Level.
  • Search for levelTutorialMap and double-click to open it.
    Note: Selecting Content sometimes shows no items. Select Restricted Assets instead.
  • To save the map as your own, use FileSave As.
  • In order for the game's menus to discover the map you must:
    • Save the map into /Content/RestrictedAssets/Maps/...
    • Prefix any CTF maps (Note: this tutorial is for designing a CTF map) with CTF- 
    • Prefix any Deathmatch maps with DM-
    • To play the map outside of the editor, you must package the map. Package and Share

Add Player Spawn Locations

Where the players spawn can have dramatic impact on the gameplay of a map. Let us add a few spawn locations to this map.

Video 2: Adding spawn locations:

  • Switch to the Place mode in the Modes panel..
  • We are looking for UTTeam Player Start. Do NOT use the generic Player Start, as it is a generic starting point and does not include a team designation.
  • Drag and drop UTTeam Player Start onto a spot in the level where you want the player to spawn.
  • You can add as many spawn locations as you want.

Test Player Spawn

Let us verify that the player spawning matches your gameplay intent.

Video 3: Testing player spawn.

  • Press Play to preview the map.
  • Press ESC to exit the preview.
  • Repeat the process multiple times. You should experience spawning at the various locations that you have designated.

Add Weapon Spawners

We are going to add objects that spawn weapons in the game. You will have control of where the locations are and what weapons they generate.

Video 4 : Adding weapon spawners:

  • Type WeaponBase into the search bar of the Content Browser to find the WeaponBase Blueprint. Don't forget to clear any existing filters.
  • Drag and drop the WeaponBase Blueprint from the content browser to your map. You can adjust the position of the weapon base by dragging the arrows of the translate gizmo.
  • By default the WeaponBase may have ended up below ground. Shortcut: Raise it up above using the blue (up) arrow of translate gizmo. Then hit the END key to Snap to floor.
  • In the Details panel, select the weapon you want to spawn from the drop down menu labeled Weapon Type.

Try playing the level, and picking up the weapon you just placed.

Adding Jump Pads

There is a Damage Amp power-up sitting on an island in the center of the map. Let us modify the target location of a jump pad to send us to the power up.

Video 5 : Modify the jump pad.

  • Click on a BaseJumpPad in your editor viewport to select it, and note how it draws an arc to indicate the path of the jump and the jump’s destination.
  • Select the jump target (blue diamond) at the jump's destination by clicking on it. Use the translate gizmo's arrows to move the jump destination to the island.
  • Test your changes.
  • The video shows a time-saving technique: right click on the ground and select Play From Here

Going Further

If you would like to go beyond this tutorial, explore by:

  • Placing more jump pads
  • Changing the arc of the jump. Hint: think jump time
  • Try chaining jump together into a sequence
  • Try adding more power ups and weapons

Next Steps

Finished with gameplay objects? Let's add some geometry to the your map! Map Making Step 2: Geometry

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