Map Making 3 of 3 (CTF)

In the last part of this sequence, we will complete the essentials of a CTF level. We will:

  • Add a CTF flag
  • Mirror the map to create opposing bases
  • Color the bases

Getting Started

We have created a level to help familiarize you with various elements that affect a level's gameplay. Open LevelTutorialMap to see what we have prepared:

Video 1 : Open a map that demonstrates gameplay elements in action:

  • Click on FileOpen Level.
  • Search for levelTutorialMap and double-click to open it.
    Note: Selecting Content sometimes shows no items. Select Restricted Assets instead.
  • To save the map as your own, use FileSave As.
  • In order for the game's menus to discover the map you must:
    • Save the map into /Content/RestrictedAssets/Maps/...
    • Prefix any Deathmatch maps with DM-
    • Prefix any CTF maps with CTF-
    • To play the map outside of the editor, you must package the map. Package and Share

Add a CTF Flag

The first step is adding a Flag Base that spawns the flag and serves as a flag return point.

Video 2: Adding a CTF Flag:

  • Select the Content folder in the Content Browser, and type BP_CTFFlagBase into the search bar to find the BP_CTFFlagBase Blueprint. This is the actor that spawns a flag in a CTF match!
  • Drag and drop a BP_CTFFlagBase (Blueprint class) from the Content Browser into the map viewport, and drag the arrows on the Base to move it on to the white arrow-shaped spot in the map. Note: you can click on the flat base in the viewport to re-select it if you want to adjust its placement later

Create the Opposing Base.

You can create the opposing base from scratch using BSP Geometry. To create a symmetrical map, we can duplicate and mirror existing Geometry.

Video 3: Create an opposing CTF base.

  • Change your Viewport window from Perspective mode to Top mode to see the map from an orthogrphic birds-eye view
  • Click and drag with the left mouse button to draw a selection box around everything but the central towers. (This will select everything used to build the current CTF base)
  • With the entire CTF base selected, press Ctrl+W to duplicate it and create a second copy of the entire base
  • Use the rotation gizmo to rotate the new base 180 degrees. Then use the translation gizmo to move it into a mirrored position on the opposite side of the towers. (Tap the SPACE key to cycle the mode of your transform gizmo)
  • Once your new base is in place, switch back to Perspective and build Geometry to verify things look correct. (Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+B)

Full Build

We have just duplicated a lot of geometry, but only did a cursory build to verify its placement. Lighting, navigation and other subsystems take a little longer to update. Let us perform a Full Build to update those systems.

Video 4 : Perform a full build.

  • Press Build on the toolbar
  • This may take some time
  • Once finished, look around. Notice that the lighting has now been updated based on the geometry changes

Try playing the level, and picking up the flag you just placed.

Customize the Base for Team Gameplay

Assign a team to each FlagBase.

Video 5 : Assign a team to each flag.

  • In order to differentiate the red flag from the blue flag, we need to give each side a team number. In UT, Team 0 is Red and Team 1 is Blue. Click on the first flag base in the level and look at its Details panel; change the value in Team Num from 255 (default) to 0 (red). Note: the color around the flag base is now also red
  • Navigate to the opposing team's side of the map. (Hint: while holding Right Mouse Button use the wheel to speed up or slow down your WASD traversal)
  • Set the opposing team's flag base Team Num to 1 (blue)
  • Press Play to verify that you see a spawned flag

Assign Team to Player Start

Assign a team to each UTTeam Player Start.

Video 6 : Assign a team to each UTTeam Player Start.

  • Select a UTTeam Player Start by clicking on it
  • In the Details panel, set the Team Num to 0 for red team and 1 for blue team
  • Test the spawn points by repeatedly spawning; use the Play and ESC in succession. Note: color of the flag should match your team

Applying Color

Add team colors to the base areas.

Video 7 : Color code the base areas.

  • Go to your Content Browser and search for M_Tut_Environment_Detail_Red
  • Drag and drop this material onto the orange colored surfaces in the red base to change them from an orange to red color
  • You can also select multiple surfaces (by Ctrl+Clicking on them) to assign a color to several at once
  • Use M_Tut_Environment_Detail_Blue for the blue base

Apply Color to the Rest of the Map

Video 8 : Apply color to the rest of the map.

  • Appropriately color both bases
  • Do a Full Build

Going Further

If you would like to go beyond this tutorial, explore by:

  • Adding more geometry to the map
  • Adding additional gameplay elements
  • Add more team colors and materials to the map
  • Share screenshots of your level with the UT community

Next Steps

After saving your map, return to the Modding Homepage for more tutorials or watch the tutorial video, "Map from Scratch" to learn building a UT map from the ground up. Map from Scratch

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