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Anyone from the old sniper clans around?

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    I was just playing this cool custom map online but the game crashed with some weird OpenGL error 10 minutes into the game.


      [ACE]Blade checking in! holy going through this page was a blast from the past with so many names


        {Hog} DoA here reading some of these names I recognize from years ago. Miss my ESR


          Oh, how I miss those days. I am currently working on getting the old MPC Clan members back in for a reunion. I finally got our site back up and running under a new platform. Came across these posts and thought I should give a shout out. I am thinking about setting up a UT2K4 server with all the mods our clan use to use. I've been going around and checking in with all of the clans I can find. If you had registered before on our site, your original login should still work. Stop by and say Hey.


          UPDATE: Server is online
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            Former [ACE]Exodus, [RSA]Static}{, [DoC]Korny, and my own clan briefly, -]TSK[-Kornukopian here from back in the day. Always enjoyed the sniper scene for a good number of years; still dive on now and again to bring back a bit of nostalgia.

            Hope you're all well and good, guys and gals.


              <[NBS]>Yerf-Dogg here. It's been a few years.


                Originally posted by Yerf-Dogg View Post
                <[NBS]>Yerf-Dogg here. It's been a few years.
                OMG Hai Yerfie!
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                  i know this is a long shot but does anyone have any of the old clan images for SUK?
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                    Been a very long time hello yall. (igrice)


                      -ZS-speedstream here, i know Phantasm and gr00ve are still around...


                        Just posting here to add another name to the list, seeing old names bring back the nostalgic feelings.
                        Brad AKA XtremE / Xtr3ME here,

                        Maybe one or two other teams but my memory fails me!
                        I left for a while and actually came back and now play for -]NBK[- ...... yeah camping is still happening in ut99 in 2020, madness!

                        If anyone is reading this and still wants to get involved in camping or just catch up with old folk you can do so through the facebook page -
                        At the time of this post there are 12 teams involved. It's not how you remember it but its nice to play 45 mins of camping on a sunday evening sometimes.
                        Camping is all but dead on public servers now. There is one server -=SoP=- that has people on every night but this is around 9pm EST and is one shot bolt rifle. It is an NA server, there are no active euro ones left. Many old clan servers with bots and no players though..

                        Some people from the old days that are STILL playing if anyone is interested; (you can see rosters here to see any names you might remember -
                        Invis!b|e.UK, Veyron, THOR, Ghost,
                        Pain, Mahonie, Akilles, N0CC3R, Forever_Winter
                        Soulrain, Hawky, Lemons, LYNX,
                        Broda, Mad, ace, zipper, Micke
                        LordDuke, Greenday, Tarrat, Bite_Me,
                        VIBE, Beist, Styker etc from FoG still going
                        Nix, APH@NA, |ZM| clan, barnzy, snipertiger,

                        Just listing some guys that I remember have been around for ages....and ones that will now show when googled.

                        If I play now it's mainly normal weapons or insta which is still always active.



                          Now isn't this a blast from the past!

                          Kamatz here, former [ZST] and -]TSK[-
                          It's amazing you guys are still at it, wouldn't mind joining in myself for old times sake.