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Any old UT99 Demo players?

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    ^^^^ and they say i'm the fruity loop of the community, GET REAL! ^^^^


      Okay, so this is a trip! This may be one of the only, if not the only, game I could legitimately say I was great at. Sure it was just the demo... and just on CTF... and only one of the levels -- but still :-). Playing it over an over you could learn the jumping patterns and shoot in anticipation of where you knew opposing team players were going to be -- it would make you virtually unstoppable. Some might say... Godlike. I remember playing once with someone else who was really good and it was just the two of us clowning around, and he showed me how you could get up in the rafters, which I hadn't known about. Just trading tips was cool. Good memories. Didn't quite have the same skills in the sequels. I would probably suck today. Thanks for this y'all!

      General Maximus

      P.S. This was the level

      Click image for larger version

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        A friend of mine had the demo before the official release, and he let me play it... so kinda.
        Have you hugged a Skaarj today?


          I used to play as Oddcam.
          I remember you well Taco, and Speedy & Striker, what's up guys! What a trip to see others with fun memories of our sweaty scene.
          I think UT99 has a pretty active community although I haven't played it.