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READ BEFORE POSTING: Most common questions and useful links

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    READ BEFORE POSTING: Most common questions and useful links

    Here's a list of answers to the most asked questions and some handy links for more information:

    Game runs too fast
    To solve this you need to limit the framerate of the game to a value below 160-200 fps. This can be done by enabling VSync or using an unofficial D3D/OpenGL renderer which you can find here: This page also provides installation instructions for these renderers.

    Where to find official files - patches, bonus packs, Unreal Script source code, dedicated server package?
    Patches and bonuspacks can be found on

    Where to find guides and tips for running a server?
    The most complete source for these is UnrealAdmin page. Make sure to check their forums!

    Where to find custom content?
    Maps can be found on Mods, mappacks, and maps can be found on

    Installing custom content:
    Mods, mutators, and maps sometimes have lots of types of content that have to be copied into the correct folders of the game based on file extension:
    • .u - UnrealTournament/System
    • .intl - UnrealTournament/System
    • .ini - UnrealTournament/System
    • .unr - UnrealTournament/Maps
    • .utx - UnrealTournament/Textures
    • .umx - UnrealTournament/Music
    • .uax - UnrealTournament/Sounds

    Also there's a chance content is distributed as umod. If the installation fails, restore the file associations using UT99 Registry Fixer by Jan Urbansky. If the installer claims the game is not installed or it's the wrong version, see this guide

    Where to buy:
    - On Steam as a separate game or a part of Unreal Deal Pack.
    - On
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