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READ BEFORE POSTING: Most common questions and useful links

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    let's talk about skelmeshes, fbx anim or psk psa, either or, or any other ut99 compatible format, and how ut99 skelchars was a poorly thought out mod...

    there is no i'm mentally ill, i'm the only guy who was doing akimbo weapons with multiple mods, INCLUDING LOD and SKELETAL meshes at the same time as shown here.
    sure its not perfect, cuz nobody supplied me with the original import coordinates, so i had to "wing it"
    oh yes, epic games, it sure "makes you go hmm"

    (lodmesh on the left in orange, skelmesh on the right in green)

    Click image for larger version  Name:	73390724_696220410886326_7244382691771023360_n.jpg Views:	0 Size:	19.7 KB ID:	407011
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    and what about importing new animations to support new meshes, where is the information on that, oh wise one?

    cuz the soldieranim and soldieranim2 from skeletalchars and ut2004charsv2 are worthless when importing ut3 / ut4 content
    but i know other guys have stuffed new animations into their mods, i want to hear how. so i can replicate myself some NEXT GEN CONTENT, in an ENGINE that DESERVES an update.

    cuz these fancy new nextgen meshes sure do run faster in ut99 than they do in your fancy newer engines. meaning, i'll have faster paced games in my total conversion.
    how is that a bad thing, if it's for everyone. i'm only doing this for the learning experience, perhaps even turn a dollar or two with the skills i've learned.

    if anyone HERE can't handle that, then they are hypocrites. [selling mods, and running donation servers is what most of you do best] as you try hard to impress the gods over at epic games...

    *p.s. i've gone the whole way with literally no help from a hypocrite community who would lie about who authored what, and talk about thefts,
    when we all know epic games was the one who benefited the most as they reaped our scripts from the many easily accessible redirects we all created/borrowed
    over the last 2 decades, enough is enough, i've talked about nothing but progress, and have made a ton of discoveries on my own.

    it's time one of you steps up and fills in that missing link,
    cuz aside from writing my own skeletal classes using the anim list from the anim file and then importing, i have no clue how to import animations. :P

    Click image for larger version  Name:	lilllianS-in-game-for-ut99.png Views:	0 Size:	717.7 KB ID:	406903
    Click image for larger version  Name:	lillianS-for-ut99.png Views:	0 Size:	796.8 KB ID:	406902
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  • READ BEFORE POSTING: Most common questions and useful links

    Here's a list of answers to the most asked questions and some handy links for more information:

    Game runs too fast
    To solve this you need to limit the framerate of the game to a value below 160-200 fps. This can be done by enabling VSync or using an unofficial D3D/OpenGL renderer which you can find here: This page also provides installation instructions for these renderers.

    Where to find official files - patches, bonus packs, Unreal Script source code, dedicated server package?
    Patches and bonuspacks can be found on

    Where to find guides and tips for running a server?
    The most complete source for these is UnrealAdmin page. Make sure to check their forums!

    Where to find custom content?
    Maps can be found on Mods, mappacks, and maps can be found on

    Installing custom content:
    Mods, mutators, and maps sometimes have lots of types of content that have to be copied into the correct folders of the game based on file extension:
    • .u - UnrealTournament/System
    • .intl - UnrealTournament/System
    • .ini - UnrealTournament/System
    • .unr - UnrealTournament/Maps
    • .utx - UnrealTournament/Textures
    • .umx - UnrealTournament/Music
    • .uax - UnrealTournament/Sounds

    Also there's a chance content is distributed as umod. If the installation fails, restore the file associations using UT99 Registry Fixer by Jan Urbansky. If the installer claims the game is not installed or it's the wrong version, see this guide

    Where to buy:
    - On Steam as a separate game or a part of Unreal Deal Pack.
    - On
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