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Fragball, Food Fight and Burger CTF - =Gaming Evening=-

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    Fragball, Food Fight and Burger CTF - =Gaming Evening=-

    Here a cool event this friday.

    Originally posted by Pileyrei
    DM and CTF dominate most UT99 servers these days.

    Join us for an evening of something different.

    Fragball, Food Fight and Burger CTF.

    Friday the 2nd March
    20:00 UCT
    21:00 CET


    Count down timer:

    What is Fragball?

    An old mod from 2001!

    At the start of a map some one gets fragged. Once that happens a ball spawns (normally in the middle of the map).
    Teams need to take the ball and either run it or shoot it into the oppositions goal. After a goal is scored, the ball spawns again soon after.

    You can also use your weapons to shoot it in or defend!

    Once you have the ball, hold the hammer down to generate power and then release to shoot it.

    What is Food Fight and Burger CTF?

    I'm sure this doesn't need explanation!
    An awesome mod created by papercoffee.

    All you need to know is here:

    So join us for Fragball, DM Food Fight and Burger CTF.
    I'd suggest joining the server before the night and trying out the mods if you are not sure.

    I'll update the list as we go.
    Whose in?


    1. Pileyrei
    2. papercoffee
    3. medor
    4. Terraniux
    5. iSenSe (maybe)

    ,,|, addicted !!!