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    Squidy is a weapon which was first developed to enter a coding contest several years ago.
    The challenge was simple: each contestant was to choose a distinct monster from the original Unreal, and develop a single weapon by using that monster as its model and skin, without importing any custom assets, only code itself was allowed.

    The idea in the end was not only to have a contest (for fun), but to also have a new community weapon pack as a result.
    Unfortunately however, the contest never ended and was abandoned and forgotten about, and some participants never finished their weapons.

    This weapon was first developed and finished for that contest back in 2013, but it was now repackaged in order to contain its own mutators and configuration, so it can be freely tweaked and played with as any other standalone weapon mod.


    As for the gore mod mentioned in the video, for those who don't know, you can check it out here:

    Also, this marks the start of a series of some UT99 videos concerning some of the weapons and mods (and maybe even a couple of maps) that I have made over the years, before I get to start new content.
    The video template that I created above has also the author stamped on it since I am not quite sure at the moment if I am going to also do videos from mods and maps from other authors in the future with the same format, but time will tell.

    It will take a while before actual new content is started at all, which won't happen before I finish something else first (been making progress though), but in the meanwhile I can revisit some of the existing stuff and do 1080p60 HD videos of stuff I was unable to before, and I have been meaning to do some more descriptive videos of each mod/weapon for some years already, even because there were some times they were needed and I didn't have them.

    Next in line (video) will likely be about a very old mod (pre-NW3 era) which I never officially released: X-Vehicles.

    Weapons of mass destruction | Community UT mods

    curious to know how you plug animations into mods for meshes

    that's literally all that eludes me these days, i can use rigged meshes, i can compile meshes with animations, but for some reason, i cannot just use any animation i please

    only ones that are already implemented into unreal engine. that said, if you ever try to add new content, you get willywonka characters instead of the actual mesh imported

    as shown in these two images
    Click image for larger version

Name:	lillianS-for-ut99.png
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	lilllianS-in-game-for-ut99.png
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      p.s. this is the only thing stopping me from being you...the animation issue that i am having.

      if someone takes that ten minutes to explain to me, i will literally surpass your ability, and i think you fear it, so labelling me mentally ill is a lot easier on your ego, and your state of being.Click image for larger version

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        p.s. you make great mods, too bad you feel the need to defame others while you do so... :P


          you know you guys can be sued for your posts here:


            Originally posted by PAGOEJA View Post
            you know you guys can be sued for your posts here
            No they can't.
            Have you hugged a Skaarj today?