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RE: Updating UT! (uT99) for the 2018/2019 erra >?

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    RE: Updating UT! (uT99) for the 2018/2019 erra >?

    alright for some time now i've been working on a mod for UT1 named UTEP! Basically the idea behind it was to integrate a-***-ton of good mods all into one package for easy access and also to ensure everything would work correctly. Then I started getting into redoing weapon effects and textures ... Along side with Feralidragon's stand alone version of NWUltraGore, ENB series UTBloom driver and ColorfulUT mod + S3TC EXTREME END i've been able to transform UT1 into something pretty Also can't help but love the fact that this game is still more active than UT4! HAHA! :P So i'd like to take this moment to announce my UT99 server, as well as use this tread to create a poll!

    Server Info:
    Name - [UTEP] -] Above all Ranks present's - UT1 Battle-Groundz! [-
    Admins: -CoMMoN- || 2fast4love
    IP: unreal://
    Location: Chicago
    Host: NFO Servers

    - ¡Features! -

    x New Arena Mutators; Now includes all weapons, translocator optional via original setting "bUseTranslocator"

    x Tickrate Insensative "T.I. PulseGun/Minigun" - Allows you to increase the tickrate without increasing the power of the weapons.

    x NoLockdown - Removes the push effect (momentum transfer) / lockdown effect when getting hit by PulseGun/Minigun.

    x Weapon Switch Rate Handler - Essentially just like UTPure's "FWS" if enabled via server-side, the admin can manually set a weapon select rate deemed appropiate!

    x HitSounds - Client side hitsounds when you inflict damage on your enemy. (client-side customizable via INI)

    x Fixed the annoying ImpactHammer sound bug.

    x Weapons are now destroyed if they they are tossed or dropped into "killzones" such as lava, acid, fall off map, ect ..

    x UTPure style HUD (match time/jboots charge)

    x New charge counter HUD for the DamageAmp. Now when you pick up the Amp an icon will appear, displaying the time time remaining. Similar to UT2k4 and UT3

    x UT3 style DamageAmp - If someone has the DamageAmp and they get killed, a copy is dropped with whatever time was remaining. But you better hurry to pick it up because it's only alive for 15 seconds before it gets destroyed!

    x New scope texture for the Sniper Rifle (while in zoomed state) as well as new ammo textures and shot tracer beam! (:

    x New (realish) looking flames for the rockets trail.

    x New ring texture 'utringex' for the Flak Cannon's chuntrail. Much nicer (: (sorta 2k4'ish)

    x EPIC new look for the Shock Rifle, shockproj and combo both! Also removed outter hitrings for a cleaner look!

    x New Bio-sludge textures.

    Pretty sure this about sums it all up to the current state of the mod. Still lots of plans/idea's as well~! Primarily wanted to get this info out there to gain some server traffic but also to create a poll on players thoughts in general so please DO NOT be affraid to leave criticism!

    Meet me there. :'D