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DM-WAN-CHAI-UT + More Map Conversions!

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    Found the mistake - bots just cant see exit teleporters as pathnodes to navigate over!
    So a few apples beside would be enough but i even found some original DX decorations files
    for UT and wanna see what can be enhanced - not to mention the actual possibility
    to play various gamestyles like dom ctf and what not else!
    Once finished the JWF-FireBases CTF this will definitively be my next work!

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    The map plays though pretty well
    and is truly awesome!

    Since being in such a good mood i consulted my mod UT
    to also convert this little gem of a truly originality creation -
    DOM-AssaultCity from the Jungle Warfare mod
    - now playable in original UT - enjoy!

    Click image for larger version  Name:	domassaultcity.jpg Views:	1 Size:	129.2 KB ID:	403424
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  • started a topic DM-WAN-CHAI-UT + More Map Conversions!

    DM-WAN-CHAI-UT + More Map Conversions!

    Version Beta 1 of the HongKong canal maps originally
    ripped from Deus Ex and made playable in UT.
    Still Beta because the bots decline usage of any teleporters
    except when chasing and so dont actually change the maps areas
    unless when dying but thats inmarginal and almost not recognizable.
    Many thanks for the original creator of the cool Deus Ex game what i enjoyed.
    Its a classic cyberpunkish city scene with that cool HonkyWood flair
    people may know from John Woo gangster movies from back in the 90.
    And as said - in case someone sees a solution for the bots
    teleportophobia please let me know - other than that - enjoy!

    Version 2 of the HongKong canal maps originally converted
    from Deus Ex and made playable as one in UT.
    Super awesome map - a true jewel for any UT gamer -
    especially nowadays where maps got too small for many and all - enjoy!

    Click image for larger version  Name:	dmwanchaiut.jpg Views:	1 Size:	133.5 KB ID:	403388
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