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studio kit for ut99 soundtrack

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    studio kit for ut99 soundtrack

    this might be a difficult thing to answer but I would be interested in knowing if anyone knows about how the music for ut99 was done? I read that trackers were involved for sequencing? it mentions this on the wiki page for music trackers, along with deus ex. I looked into some interviews with brandon alexander and he mentions the korg triton and trinity. did alexander sample the korg synths and then import the samples into a tracker? was any other outboard kit used? and was this sampled rather than sequencing the kit over midi? I can't find much about michiel van den bos studio, anyone know?

    Back in the old days of tracker modules most of the high quality samples were extracted from other sample packs. These were often from various synths and midi sample banks.
    You only sampled if you did not have a way to extract or convert.
    People still make tracker files and you can experience it with OpenModPlugTracker, which can also be used to extract samples from various soundbanks.
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