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[TributeServer] - ClassicUT99 - All in One (incl coop!)

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    [TributeServer] - ClassicUT99 - All in One (incl coop!)

    Hi all!

    I thought, it's about time to devote an topic here on the official forums about the server ClassicUT99.
    Click picture, or click here to check out the server!
    Or if you just like to copy paste; unreal:// (NL)
    US Mirror: unreal://

    Type !V in chat to open vote-menu.

    Dedicated to the mission of gathering all most (in)famous played game types/mods, mutators in one server.
    Tributing and enjoying these classics till we are not able anymore!
    When is the last time you checked out Team/Multi CTF, or even heard "Crrooottcchh Shott!" ?
    Q. Is it gonna take ages for me, to enter the server?

    A. -No, You will only receive downloads for the GameType playing at that moment luckily!
    Redirect is in place. So fast in :tu:

    Credits go off course to all UT Mappers who created this beautifull content.
    Esp. GoPostal, his source-code is in everywhere :agree1:

    Also a BIG THANKS goes out to:

    Deepu (UN/MVE/UP)
    FeraliDragon (NWIII)
    KnoW (MHII/BT MODs)
    Leo T_C_K (SP Packs & UWeapons)
    3 (3's Coop server)
    Higor (XCGE)
    Sektor2111 (Mindfulness)

    Here is a "little" overview:
    Any feedback, or suggestions are welcome!
    Let me know about those mismatches!

    DeathMatch Features:
    Instagib, SniperArena, RocketArena, NormalWeapons, Combogib, FoodFight, OldWeapons, EnforcerArena, FlakArena, Mutant1vsAll Gametype, Funnel Gametype, Camper Gametype

    Capture The Flag Features:
    Instagib, SniperArena, Weapons, Combogib, Strangelove, Multi/CTF4 Gametype

    Team DeathMatch Features:
    Instagib, SniperArena, Weapons, Combogib, Instagib xTDM Gametype

    Last Man Standing Features:
    Extended Last Man Standing, Instagib, SniperArena, Weapons, Team LMS Gametype

    Camper DeathMatch Features:
    DoubleJump, ProSniperX7, dfb_Translocator2

    Low Gravity Features:
    DoubleJump, Zoom-Instagib DM, Zoom-Instagib CTF, Sniper DM, Sniper CTF

    Bunny Track Features:
    CheckPoints, HUDTimer, FastRespawn(nosound), !Go <playername>
    (Teleport to player: 3 characters of <playername> are sufficient)

    MonsterHunt Features:
    ClassicMH, FoodFightMH, EXU Weapons, Nali Weapons III, MH Surival Gametype
    ClassicMH Weapons: OldWeapons, PitchFork, PSXFlameThrower, Scythe, Axe, Barbie, DeathGas, Hellworm, Impaler2, TranslocatorClassic

    Co-op Mission Packs:
    - Unreal1 Campaign
    - Operation Napali
    - Xidia & Xidia Gold
    - French Level Pack
    - Project Zephron
    - Return To Napali
    - Unreal PSX Rework - Rise of Jrath
    - :!: :!: Now Also includes: "3's Co-op Maps!" - 250+ coop designed and fixed maps from: "3's COOP Server" :!: :!:
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