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Unreal Tournament 99 - DirectX11 Renderer with Tessellation + HDAO

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    it's all skeletalchars, you remove it and start a fresh copy of ut99, and use your own anims and provide your own coords (even close ones)
    you will get what you see. what a shame that guys rushed the skeletalchars mod / classes
    but i'll take the time to import a ton of ut2004/ut3/ue4 stuff so that it stays up to date, once the base animations are in, people can import whatever they like.
    and YES, I WILL PASS IT ALL AROUND FOR FREE when its worthy of mass download.
    thank you again for your help it's greatly appreciated (i started small, but i got lots of cosmetic bugs so i'll fix in the am

    and p.s.
    but that's my fault for rushing it, and using a ripped off import script.
    i'll do it clean and proper tomorrow (second image below)

    but atleast the orientation comes out properly and the ANIMATIONS TOO!
    (*third image down, cross referenced with original working mod for ut99)

    p.s. it's my opinion that the successors of unreal engine one, are just more of the same with a bigger SDK/effects basket.
    sure they've implemented a number of features, the worst one, making the script way more complex so you get headaches just looking at it.

    i'm out to prove this old engine is still useful, if one puts the time in. take care meowcat, i downloaded your jetpack ages ago, i was super surprised to hear from you...

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      also, lastly, i was hoping to make a sort of low resolution version of fortnite, and get epic games to cross plattform from ut99 on any low end pc.

      wouldn't that be cool for all of those old people who refuse to update their pc's or continually buy low end systems for no apparent reason other than its cheap to do so...?


        but tbh
        i was going to mac/pc/sega dreamcast/playstation psp/playstation vita/playstation 2/raspberry pi/android [crossplay]
        my total conversion of the game, but nobody was interested
        (*easy stuff too, compatible system code, along with much iterations, rofl...but would be well worth it, to re-connect everyone to one of their favorite games again.

        psp ut99

        psp vita ut3

        playstation 2 ut99

        dreamcast ut99

        mac ut99

        raspberry pi ut99

        android UT99

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          my progress since...
          will prove i am right about skeletalchars, once and for all

          believe me now? meow!

          Click image for larger version

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            Hi PAGOEJA.
            Interesting model conversion work you have going there. I'm pretty sure that you don't need to remove anything from the base UT99 game files, you should be able to just add all of the additional content on top of the base game. Any time you delete, or worse recompile and use, an existing base game .u file, your now "custom" version of UT99 will not be network compatible with anyone else's out there, and could (probably will) break compatibility with any other mod packages. The correct way to mod for UT99 (and every UT UEngine game) is to just create your own .u files (& .utx, .unr, .uax etc) on top of the existing game. I think you can probably leave SkeletalChars alone (its just a couple of character models anyways), and just create your own .u package in which you import your mesh/animation rips and add your own weapon code. There should be absolutely no reason to recompile any other .u files aside from your own custom ones.

            I hear you about the cross platform game versions. I would love to have a low-res version of the UEngine that ran a barebones version of the UT99 or the UT2k4 engine that could run on a lot of the older low powered hardware (to include things like the Raspberry Pi). If you are willing to go for far simpler models than the higher poly stuff you have been back-converting, it might even run.

            On a side note, believe it or not, but the scripts for UT2k4 or only marginally more complex than for UT99. When I started modding for UT2k4 after UT99, there was a learning curve, but the capabilities of the UT2k4 engine are so much better for animation, effects, and map building. I think I can probably get higher FPS in UT2k4 versions of some map conversions than I could in UT99, and the character animation was simpler (and smaller in memory size), and since stuff like effects were handled natively (in C++ code that is way more efficient for particles than the old "actor" UScript particle method of UT99 engine) more detail could be added without bogging down the system. Anyways, good on you for adding stuff to UT99 and continuing to get more fun out of the game.

            For the model conversions, I'm not sure what you mean by his "flawed import" (b.t.w., who is "he") in your last post. That imported version of the target painter looks exactly like the one from UT2k4. Epic (and every single other game company from the 1980s thru 201x) usually deleted "hidden faces" of 3d models to reduce the memory size and increase rendering speed, which is exactly what was done here. For the old C4 mod that Postal and I put together 16+ years ago, I usually deleted any face/triangle that would not be seen in game during the FP view animations (I kept versions with all faces for later reuse in UT2k4...).