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Strange overlaid crosshair

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    Strange overlaid crosshair

    Hello! I have a problem with crosshair - it is off-center. I don't mean it is half-texel shifted (because crosshait texture have even number of pixels), it is about 2 texels right and 1 down, and I don't mean it is shifted because the weapon is in right hand. I can hide weapon or center it, but I still miss while huntering for heads. I tried custom crosshairs, read forums, but nothing helped.

    But there is unexpected workaround: sometimes, when I press Alt+TAB to minimize UT and return to it, there is a strange crosshair appeared, white and slightly transparent with some color inverting effect. And it is perfectly centered! I have just easiliy managed to make a long series of headshots with godlike bots, like UTCyborg did in his videos. Never could done this with usual crosshairs.

    So, is there any way (ideally some config parameter) to use this strange crosshair, or, at least, reliable way to get it quickly (Alt+Tabbing can take a lot of time and attempts until this crosshair is appeared)?
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    oh my... i'm not there yet or i'd help you out. :P