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    Sorry updated version to the map. New navigation for AI, texture fixes, and a couple of brush fixes. This is the final version I will put out.

    Title : CTF-NBK-NaliTemple-Dx2021][
    Version : 2.0
    Release Date : 01/17/2021
    Filename : CTF-NBK-NaliTemple-Dx2021][.unr
    Author : Michael«(ÐxTrËmeƒx)»Lalla
    Email Address :
    HomePage :

    Thanks to Epic for a great game. Thank you for the use of your stock game textures that were used. Thank you to the UT community and for keeping UT 99 Alive. Special thanks to all members that helped me getting this map finalized.

    1.) Sektor2111- thank you for the new bot navigation system in the map. And masked texture help.
    2.) EvilGrins for all of your help.
    3.) OjitroC for all of your help.
    4.) Red_Fist for all of your help.


    --- Play Information ---
    Game : Unreal Tournament 99
    Level Name : CTF-NBK-NaliTemple-Dx2021][
    Single Player : Botmatch
    CTF : 2-24 players
    New Sounds : No
    New Textures : Yes
    New BSP : Yes
    NewUnrealScript : No
    Known bugs : Please tell me
    --- Construction ---
    Editor(s) used : UnrealEd 2.2 / Photo-shop CS /
    Construction Time : 13 YEARS. The concept of this map started as a Death Match map in 2008. It has received countless revision from 2008 to 2021 and in its final version. Until someone finds an error with it lol.

    Capture the Flag MATCH

    Unzip the .unr file into your Unreal Tournament\Mapsdirectory.
    The shouldn't be any additional files needed to run the map.

    Copyright / Permissions
    Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels. This map may
    NOT be modified in any way without the authors consent.
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    The periodic 'respawning' sound that one hears is a little weird, to say the least, especially when one sees that nothing has spawned. I believe this is due to the additional spawn points.